The fortune of Smaragdo de Córdoba from its creation to the auction of the property of Isabel I of Castile

José Julio Martín Barba


In a previous article we have gone through the vicissitudes experienced by this codex from 1505 —the year in which it appears in the documentation of Archivo General de Simancas on the will of the queen— to the present, which is well preserved in the Archivo Capitular de la Catedral de Córdoba. With this work we complete the itinerary, now retrospectively, since that year of the auction of the property of Isabel I, until the middle of the tenth century, when it was created by its author, Florencio de Valeránica


Smaragdus of Saint Mihiel, Florentius of Valeranica, Isabella I de Castile, Sancho de Paredes, Isabel Cuello, Golfines de Abajo palace, Toledo Cathedral.

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